Sports Premium


Since September 2013 we have received additional funds to support the development of Sport in school (Sport Premium). Click the picture below to see how we spent our Sports Premium this year.



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At Tillington Manor we offer a vast range of sporting opportunities from Zumba to Cross Country.  Our aim is to ensure that every pupil can experience a range of sporting activities which are provided in a fun and exciting manner.  Through sport, the children at Tillington Manor develop teamwork, determination, perseverance and tolerance.  These skills are not only key in sport but also throughout life at our school.


As a staff we aim to provide the highest quality Physical Education available and pride ourselves on the achievements attained by the children.  Our sporting curriculum offers a wide range of different sports and covers a number of different skills to provide the children with the best possible access to sport. 


Through the Sport Premium we have been able to improve our range of sport which has had a positive impact upon the children and their attainment at Tillington Manor.  The sport premium has allowed specialist teachers to come in to provide staff with training and to allow more specialist clubs to run.