Welcome to Nursery


At Tillington Manor Primary School we have a Nursery class each morning.  We enjoy playing with our friends and are excited to be learning in school for the first time.  Our topics change regularly and these are based around our own interests, celebrations and some topics that might be new to all of us.   


This page shows you how and what we are learning as we start our journey together in school.


Autumn 1


This year we started off by learning all about ourselves and our families.  Lots of us brought in ‘All About Me’ boxes which we shared with our teacher, Mrs Bentley.  Inside were some of our special toys, books and some photographs of us with our families.  Later on in the term, we opened these up again and shared them with our friends. 





How Many Nursery Rhymes Do You Know?


Our next learning challenge was to learn to sing lots of different nursery rhymes.  We enjoyed singing these together and did lots of activities linked to each rhyme.


Here we are in the Baker’s Shop.  Our rhyme was ‘5 Currant Buns in a Baker’s Shop’ so we turned our role-play area into a Baker’s and used salt dough to make our own bread and buns to sell.  We loved working the till and charging lots of pennies for our brilliant creations. 








Next, we learnt all about Autumn.  We went on an Autumn walk to observe the changes we could see. We took ‘Pip the squirrel’ and ‘Squeak the hedgehog’ with us and did lots of work on positional language on the walk and back in the classroom.





We created lots of art work about different Autumn animals – some of our favourite activities were making hedgehogs using leaves that we collected and making scarecrows. We learnt some Autumn songs too – we love singing ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ with the actions!



We always spend lots of time learning outside in Nursery.  We love the sand and water trays and these are places that we gather with our friends.  We use lots of good language here and learn how to take turns and share with our friends too.






Autumn 2


In Autumn 2 we have looked at festivals and celebrations.  Our role play area was set up as a birthday party and we liked to sing, dance and play with the party food in there.  We have shared pretend presents  with each other and have written invitations to our friends to come to our party.




We have also been learning about Bonfire Night and have created some lovely art work to show the different patterns that fireworks can make in the sky. 



What Makes a Superhero?


As we lead up to Remembrance Day, our topic is all about superheroes.  We have read ‘Superkid’ and thought about what we can do to help each other in the classroom, like Superkid does.  We have untangled our superheroes in the classroom which has helped us with our fine motor skills and have used Numicon to find out how many windows in the superhero towers.  It has been a busy time!