Year 4/5 - Mr Brockhurst

Year 4/5 - Mr Brockhurst




Within our class, we have looked at the text “The Time Travelling Cat” and learning all about the Egyptians. 


Exciting vocabulary, brilliant sentence structure and amazing imaginations are all key to our writing in 4/5B! This term we are going to re-write chapter eight.



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Maths should never be about doing just pages and pages of calculations, but fun and inspiring for children.  In our classroom you can expect to see a lot of variety in activities to deepen their understanding.  Mastery is a huge focus across the curriculum and our school, our classroom is no different.  Through fluency, reasoning and problem solving, the children are exposed to a range of math problems which challenge them and force higher level mathematical thinking.





In 4/5 Brockhurst we have been learning about Ancient Egypt.  We have looked at mummification, Egyptian Gods, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and much more.  Over Autumn 2 we will have a geography focus in our topic sessions which will look at the Nile, the land, Egypt both past and present geographically. 


In topic we have also incorporated our artwork which has included designing our own jewellery, sarcophagus’, Egyptian Gods and our own pyramid. 



We did our class assembly on all we have learnt within our topic lessons.





In Science, last term we learned about ‘Forces’, including air resistance, water resistance, gravity and friction.  We have built parachutes and tested them for air resistance, getting them stuck on the roof in the process!



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Philosophy for children promotes discussion, confidence and learning of the wider world. Last term we covered everything from ‘British values’ to ‘Autumn’.  We went out on an autumnal walk around St. Bertlins Church.





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P.E: Term 1


In P.E this term we have looked at gymnastics.

We have made our own mini gymnastics routine including: balancing, traveling and much more!



P.E Term 2


This term we are doing the basics of football.

For a few weeks, we have been doing proper football tournaments and becoming legends!




This term we have been trying to link art to our topic of Egyptians.

We have been designing our own sarcophagus and making our own Egyptian patterns.

Last week, we got our new art sketchbooks and we designed our own headdresses using a range of different materials such as: chalk, oil pastels, pencil crayons, felt tips and colourful paper.

Here are some of our designs!







In computing we have developed our own educational games on Scratch.   We tried to link it with maths or literacy.