Reception/Year 1

Welcome to Reception and Year 1

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At Tillington Manor Primary School we have three mixed Reception/Year 1 classes.  In our classes we try our best to be kind to each other, share, help each other, respect each other’s ideas, work hard and keep trying when we find things hard.  This page shows you some of the wonderful learning experiences that we have had so far this year.


Autumn 1

Our first topic for this half term was All about me.  Firstly, we spent some time getting to know each other in our new classes and sharing things about ourselves with our new friends.  We also brought in family photos to share with everyone in our class. 




Reception labelled the people in their family and Year 1 wrote simple sentences about their family.





We then moved onto labelling the different parts of the body. We talked about the five senses and how we use each one.  We then explored the classroom and outdoor environment using our senses.



Next, we began learning about the seasons and focused on the season of Autumn.  We went on an Autumn walk to observe the changes we could see. In our art lessons, we painted leaves in the style of William Morris and trees in the style of Van Gogh.




Later in the topic we looked at different animals and how they adapt to the changing seasons.  We created lots of art work about different Autumn animals.





In our P.E. lessons this half term we have explored different ways of moving and have been using the apparatus to travel in different ways.




Autumn 2



This half term we are focusing on festivals and celebrations.  Our first celebration is Halloween.  Our focus text for Literacy this week has been the story ‘Room on the Broom.’  Reception have been writing simple sentences about the animals on the broom and Year 1 have been writing character descriptions about the witch as well as listing items you would find in a witch’ cauldron.




Next we have been learning about Bonfire Night and the story of Guy Fawkes.  As part of this we have been learning how to keep safe on Bonfire Night and created our own posters to display around school.  Reception have also made name rockets, whilst year 1 made rockets and wrote words to describe the sounds that fireworks make. 


Year 1 have been making acrostic poems linked to fireworks and bonfire night.





The next celebration we have been learning about is Diwali.  We listened to the story of Rama and Sita.  The year 1 children have been writing letters from the viewpoint of a character in the story; Rama. Reception have been using their phonic knowledge to write a simple sentence about the story or to name the characters.  The children have also had the opportunity to role play the story using masks.




Spring 1