Year 2 - Miss McGann



Welcome to 2M

We have started Year 2 by focussing on our Jigsaw sessions. This is our Personal, Social and Emotional Development sessions. The children have been thinking about belonging, rules and being respectful to others. We have talked together about what behaviours are acceptable and which ones aren’t.


Our Topic in Autumn 1 was ‘The Normans and Castles.’ This was a fantastic topic to start our year and we thoroughly enjoyed our Educational visit to Stafford Castle. The children learnt lots of things about the past and enjoyed exploring history.

In addition to this, the children enjoyed our design and technology and art sessions where we created our own Bayeux tapestry, shields and swords. We finished off by inviting parents in to create a junk model castle. They were fantastic!


In Science we were busy learning about why The Normans' castles were certainly not bouncy. Using different criteria the children explored the properties of materials and uses of them, too. We enjoyed looking at how we could change materials by squashing, twisting or melting them.



Maths has been one of our favourite subjects so far and we have explored place value. The children loved using apparatus such as numicon, base 10 and ten frames to partition and combine numbers. They looked at different part whole models and have explored number and their written name to 100.



In Literacy we learned how to write a non-chronological report about Castles and a diary entry from a Norman knight off to battle! We read the text ‘The Kiss that Missed’ and wrote setting descriptions using adjectives, verbs and adverbs. We used dictionaries to find the meaning of new words in our guided reading sessions.

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In ICT the children have learnt about and created their own algorithms using scratch. We had a competition to see who could create the best sprite and make them dance in the best way!




In PE, we have been playing lots of team games focussing on our throwing and catching skills. Bee Active sessions have been lots of fun!


Music lessons with Mrs Wilson have happened on Fridays and we have loved changing our voice to different songs.

We found it tricky to start with but by the end of a couple of sessions we were very good at it!



During Philosophy for Children we have talked about questions such as ‘What would happen if we didn’t have seasons?’, ‘Why do leaves fall off the trees?’ and ‘How do animals have enough food when it is cold?’ All of these questions came from the children’s fascinations with the Autumn changes they could see from the classroom window. We went on an Autumn walk and explored the surrounding area for signs of Autumn.


Year 2 has been a term of success so far with lots of dojos, house points and star awards!






In Autumn 2 our topic is ‘London and The Queen’. We have had a wow start day where we explored London and the sights we could see there. We looked at maps and located London. After that we made collages, drew pictures and created posters about London.






In Literacy we are reading and researching all about the The Great Fire of London. The children will pretend to be Samuel Pepys as they act out the story and create narratives to retell the events. They will also make diary entries as Samuel Pepys to describe what they saw and heard.


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In maths we have begun to explore addition and subtraction. The children are using number lines and looking at relationships between numbers. They will explore inverse operations and fact families.

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In Bee Active we have been doing under arm and over arm.


We have been swapping our answers around in maths.


We have been leaning about London and doing homework and pictures about Big Ben.


We are really looking forward to beginning to learn songs and actions for our performance at The Christmas Tree Festival at St Mary’s church.

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It is very busy being in Year 2!