Year 5 - Mrs Emmas

             Welcome to 5E

My name is Mrs Emmas and I’m delighted to have joined the school. I have taught in KS2 for a few years now and LOVE reading, science and history. The sea is my favourite place to be and I enjoy swimming and walking around the coast.

 I have had such a warm welcome from staff and pupils (especially this class) and it has been lovely to meet so many parents over the past few weeks.




What an exciting Spring Term it has been! After practising so hard, our singers were amazing at the Young Voices event in Birmingham. We can also be proud of the children’s achievements through Bikeability this term.




In maths, we’ve been building up our measuring and calculating skills to tackle problems of area and perimeter.




Our  ‘Rainforest’ topic has been a huge success. Using ‘Wild Running’ by Michael Morpurgo as part of our literacy focus, the children have been developing their reading skills, looking for deeper meaning throughout the text, especially from the viewpoint of the main character, Will.  We have also explored the setting for this story (Indonesia ) as well as other rainforest areas of the world as a geography focus. Our science topic was concerned with ‘All Living Things’  which fitted in beautifully with the thousands of different species to be found in the rainforest.



Now for the SUMMER TERM!

Our topic is World War II  

We shall be reading the book Goodnight Mr Tom as our literacy focus, linking the experiences of the main character (Willie Beech) with those of other children during the war.

As our history focus we shall be looking at some significant events and prominent people in World War II as well as exploring the day-to-day reality for different people living under wartime conditions.