Year 6 - Mr Foster



In our English lessons we have been reading Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. We have all thoroughly enjoyed this exciting and mysterious story and it has inspired some great writing from the children.



National Poetry Day


We enjoyed learning about Jabberwocky (by Lewis Carrol) on National Poetry Day.  One of the activities involved working in small groups to memorise a verse of the poem by inventing actions to help with remembering the words. Next, each group performed their verse to the class. The whole class then practised all of the parts together, in order to learn and perform the whole poem.





In maths, we have been busy working on using written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have also been developing our problem solving and reasoning skills.





In Science, we have been learning about the important role played by the circulatory system. We have learnt how to measure our pulse and noted how it changes in response to exercise. We have also learnt about the structure of the heart and lungs.




Romans Topic


Whilst studying the Romans, we have learnt about the Roman Army, the invasion of Britain, Roman entertainment and the Roman Empire.