Year 6 - Miss Hall


We started year 6 with our topic ‘The Romans’. Throughout the topic we have looked at Roman soldiers and how skilled they were. Also, we have thought about Queen Boudicca’s revolt against the Romans and the devastating ending to this! During the topic we have found out about why the Romans invaded Britain.


This half term we have been on our residential visit to Standon Bowers. During the week, we will be developed our team skills and overcame some challenges. It was a once in a lifetime event! Watch a video of our pictures below:


Our text in English has been a gripping story by Michelle Paver called ‘Wolf Brother’. In English we have been developing our use of a range of punctuation in our writing as well as fronted adverbials to add extra detail to our sentences. Also, we have been using noun, adverbial and prepositional phrases to express ideas precisely. Reading is a key focus in our classroom and we have been looking at the reading VIPERS and completing tasks around these.


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Reasoning is a key aspect of our maths work. We are becoming better at explaining why processes work as well as identifying errors in problems. Additionally, we have worked on written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and have started to explore the world of fractions.


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In PE we have been focussing on team games, in particular dodgeball, benchball and handball. This has helped us to develop our hand eye co-ordination and movement within a game. Also, we have worked on our tactical awareness, coming up with strategies to be as successful as possible within a game situation.


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ICT lessons have given us the opportunity to develop our coding skills, putting together algorithms. Soon we will be using Scratch to further work on this.


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Our Science topic has been looking at the human body, in particular the circulatory system. We have taken our pulse rate and thought about how amazing the heart is and why it is so important. Also, we have looked at the lungs and their job in keeping us alive.


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Last half term we were able to take part in Bikeability. During the session, we completed a bike ride into town, thinking about road safety and an awareness of our surroundings.