The Hive



Tillington Manor is extremely fortunate to have 'The Hive' staffed by Mrs Rogers who is our Learning Mentor. 


Children visit 'The Hive' for a variety of reasons.  Mrs Rogers offers support for children in our school.  Programmes are offered to help children manage their anger or their anxiety and individual or group sessions are planned to help children to develop their self esteem and self confidence. 


The room is clearly displayed so that all children and visitors of the school are aware of the purpose and location. 


A comfortable seating area is provided so that the children can feel relaxed. A selection of books relating to sensitive topics are available for use in school or to take home.​


​The 'Stars shine brightly' display promotes positive feelings towards learning. ​


The Emotion Tree and Bee Proud Board helps children to express their feelings through pictures when they can't find the right words.

Additional Information 

Below is a range oif acencies we use for in school to support out children and familes. Please get in touch if you have any questions. 





Young Minds