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Year 1 have a "storming" time at Stafford Castle!

10/03/2023 Despite the cold on Wednesday, Year 1 had the best day visiting Stafford castle!

They learned all about how to attack and defend a castle, and got to dress up as knights, soldiers and queens. They learned about chain mail armour, and the types of weapons that were used. After, they learned that people in the past believed in herbs as a source of healing and made their own lavender herb bags. After lunch, year 1 headed up to the castle and saw where the walls would have been and the ditch where the moat once was.
They pretended they were two different armies and played a game to see which army was better. Then, they headed up the steep slope to the castle.

Year one learned that attacking a castle isn’t easy! They charged up the hill and were EXHAUSTED! Once inside, they explored the castle remains and then, learned how coins were made too.

What a busy but exciting day it was.