Online Safety


With all of the new technology around and the internet on ​phones, computers and games consoles, it can be quite scary for parents who wonder what their child gets up to online. This information is designed to keep you up to date with current e-safety issues and give you information on how to help you protect your child online. Below are e-safety facts and practical advice on how to keep your child safe when using the internet. 

How to help your child stay safe online

Talk to your child about what is acceptable when using the internet and agree family rules.

Wherever possible keep the computer in a central place at home where it can be monitored easily.

Set parental filters to ensure your children cannot access inappropriate material online.


Some interesting facts

How can I learn more?

Please click here to view our online saftey around YouTube.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of e-safety further, or would like more information on how to help your child with their online journey.  Please do not hesitate to make an appointment to speak to me.


Mrs Turner,

Online Safety Co-ordinator