School hours

We operate a 32.5-hour week. Extracurricular clubs are in addition to these that run throughout the year.
Doors open 8.45am
Break time 10.50-11.05am
Lunchtime EYFS/Y1 12.00-1.00pm
Lunchtime Y2-Y6 1.15-2.15pm
Home time 3.15pm
Class Drop off Collection
Nursery – Mrs Pace Door 3 Door 3
Reception – Mrs O’Keeffe/Mrs Dolan Door 3 Door 3
Y1 – Miss Rowley Door 3 Door 2 (Clubhouse)
Y2 – Miss Hall Door 5 Door 6
Y3 – Mr Reynolds/Mrs Hayes Door 4 Door 4
Y4 – Miss Turner  Classroom door Classroom door
Y5T- Mr Tucker Door 5 Door 5
Y5F – Mr Foster Classroom door Classroom door
Y6 – Mr Brockhurst Door 4 Door 4