Regular attendance is extremely important for all children and  contributes to their performance in school. Our aim is to ensure that every pupil has access to the full time education to which they are entitled and as a result succeed and thrive. We endeavour for children to take responsibility for their own attendance, recognising the link between attendance and good learning.

The door closes at 8.55am. Any children arriving after that must enter through the school office and be signed in by a parent/carer. 

They will receive a late mark. If your children arrives after 9.15am, they will receive a U code which is classes as unauthorised.

If your child has had 10 days  unauthorised absence or is late 10 times over a twelve week period, you may receive a penalty warning notice and also potentially a fine. 


If your child is unable to attend school, please inform the school office by 8.55am. It is important these messages go direct to the school office as dojos can often be missed.If the reason for absence is sickness and it continues – or is likely to continue – for more than three days, medical evidence should be obtained and submitted to the school. If any child is absent and the school has not been notified, the school office will ring the child’s parent/carer. 

Wherever possible, we ask parents to try to make doctors and dentist appointments before or after school. Where this is impossible, parents should inform their child’s class teachers, or the school office and it will be noted in the register. 

If your child’s attendance has fallen below 95% you will receive a letter to communicate this. If attendance continues to drop further, you will be contacted for an attendance meeting to ensure we are working together to maximise your child’s attendance.  

Weekly attendance is celebrated in assembly and winning classes receive a trophy. Any classes with 100% attendance that week earn an extra.