Geography at Tillington Manor Primary School

Children will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to:

  • Geographical enquiry and geographical vocabulary to articulate understanding places and key geographical features.                                  
  • Physical features of places
  • Human features of localities

Strands of learning from the NC programme of study have been sub-divided in to key skills and concepts which have been progressively sequenced from EYFS to Y6. Topics in EYFS/KS1 start from the point of the immediate area surrounding the school and broaden to include a gradually widening use of the local area.Topics at key stage 2 include an increasing use of localities from around the world, including localities at differing stages of economic development.

Learning in geography will support our key priority to develop:

    • children’s ability to read with understanding and to present a range of information in written form coherently and with appropriate grammatical accuracy
    • children’s capacity to apply numerical concepts
    • children’s thinking skills, encouraging their ability to develop ideas for themselves and to respond to and devise questions in enquiry based situations

Children will encounter topics in geography which:

  • reflect the diverse ethnic nature of society – they will learn about the contributions of people from different parts of the world to the management of the physical environment and the creation of human features – they will discover reasons for actions and features and be encouraged how discriminatory attitudes in the past have contributed to incorrect views of features
  • allows them to appreciate the wonder and beauty of man’s achievements and the natural environment

The emphasis in geography on enquiry, places a key responsibility on children to find out for themselves, to research and present information in a variety of ways.  Children will be encouraged to:

    • find solutions using a range of strategies
    • complete an expected minimum of work within a set amount of time using resources appropriately matched to their independent ability level work collaboratively