Our Mission is to work together to support children in a happy and caring environment, enabling them to become successful learners and achieve their full potential.


Through our curriculum our children develop a positive attitude to learning.

In order to achieve this we ensure our curriculum:

Is broad and balanced

Is inclusive

Has meaning and purpose

Prepares children for the future

Is knowledge based

View Tillington Manor Primary School's curriculum intent statement here.

View our Teaching and Learning Policy here

At Tillington Manor Primary School, we believe in creating exciting opportunities through our Discovery Learning Projects which capture children's interest. Through this we deliver the NC knowledge and the children apply skills to create a project or outcome. This is showcased and gives the children a sense of purpose. 

Visit our curriculum subject pages to see each subject in action. 

At Tillington Manor, our curriculum encompasses life skills and opportunities. While children are with us, they complete the ‘Tillington 40’, which was created based on our curriculum but with added enrichment suggested by children, parents and staff. These are things we feel are important our children experience.

Tillington 40 

You can find our bespoke school curriculum below for each year group:


EYFS Yearly overview 

Y1 Yearly overview 

Y2 Yearly overview 

Y3 Yearly overview 

Y4 Yearly overview 

Y5 Yearly overview 

Y6 Yearly overview